5 tips to make the #NAEYCAC even better!

The NAEYC Annual Conference starts this week! We're sure that you'll meet tons of great people and be inspired by the speakers and sessions, but here are 5 tips to help your experience be even better.

1. Don't Forget the Charger. There's nothing worse than running out of juice when you most need it. So, remember to pack up your charger so that you can replenish your battery in between sessions or while grabbing a latte.

2. Stay Fly in Airplane Mode. You'll be around tons of people with smartphones hogging up data from cell towers and making your 3G/4G connections work overdrive. If you are not tweeting about the #NAEYCAC goodies, expecting to be contacted, or don't need to use your phone, then put it in airplane mode. It'll save some battery juice and extend your battery life.

3. Find Some Good Grub. Don't forget to eat! Find some local eateries using the Foursquare or OpenTable apps. Both give you the ability to find some good places to eat nearby and you may even find a deal on food. Have a taste for something, but not sure where to find it? Or just want to try something new? Foursquare will now allows you to search through more than 43 million menu items.

4. Travel Quick and Easy. The possibility of you hailing a cab right after a dinner with new friends may be difficult in certain parts of DC. Give Uber a try if you have a little extra cash left on your per diem. Or, grab the DC Metro if you're close to the stations.

5. Roundup Your People. Coordinating with people to meet up can be a pain via general text or call. Give the WhatsApp or GroupMe apps a try. They are great for communication as a group.

We hope that these tips makes your conference experience even more delightful.

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