Tips for using Twitter at the NAEYC Conference


In the world of inter-connectivity and social media, there is a new paradigm of openness and sharing. Almost every conference that you attend will ask to follow and engage the conference proceedings on Twitter using a conference hash tag. Here are a few tips for using Twitter during the NAEYC Conference:

1) Use the official conference hash tag - #NAEYCAC - in your tweets. Be sure to check the spelling or do a simple search on the hash tag first to make sure that you have the correct one. Some Twitter applications will actually populate the hash tag once you start to type it if the hash tag is trending or popular.

2) Tweet during the seminars and workshops to share key quotes, valuable information, questions, and other resources.  Try to be specific and not too general so that others can find value in the information.

3) There will be so many great sessions at the conference, and it would be impossible to attend them all. Using the hash tag of the conference is a great way to get information from other sessions that you are not able to attend.

4) Don't be afraid to re-tweet or favorite tweets that add value. It broadens the audience and visibility of the conference and invites others to share in the conversation as well.

5) Use the hash tag to report real-time changes in room, announcements, cancellations, conference speaker, times, etc. Twitter is great for use as an emergency broadcasting system.

6) There will be tons of interesting people from all over the world. Use the conference hash tag as a way to identify, follow, and network with new connections.

We hope that these tips for using Twitter at the NAEYC Annual Conference help you to maximize your experience  at this year's conference. Happy Tweeting #NAEYCAC!

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