What the Anthem hack means for your toddler

At CloudJabber, we go through great lengths to keep our client's data safe, but there is no such thing as something being 100% secure. This week Anthem, one of the largest healthcare insurance providers in the  US, announced that they had been the victim of a sophisticated cyber attack. In this attack, hackers accessed the personal information of over 80 million people including their names, social security numbers, and addresses. This is a pretty good article by the New York Times about what Anthem customers should do next.

Yes, you should absolutely monitor your credit and medical history. This is great advice that everyone should seriously consider. Since we work with parents and caregivers of toddlers, we want to highlight one area that most major news sources are not focusing on - the dependents. You may not think to check your child's credit score or monitor their credit, but given the severity of this breach you should seriously consider it. If left unchecked or unmonitored, criminals could literally ruin your child's financial future before they reach 1st grade.

If you are an Anthem customer or employee, please check your child's credit score and consider enrolling in a credit monitoring program. Credit monitoring programs are common services offered by most large credit card issuers and credit reporting agencies.