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Private and Password Protected

We designed CloudJabber with privacy and safety as a primary focus. Your private social cloud is password protected and runs on dedicated hardware utilizing some of the most advanced technology for Internet security available today. Your data is protected using server authentication and data encryption ensuring that your data is safe and secure.


Total administrative control

CloudJabber gives you ultimate control over your private social cloud with an easy to use admin dashboard. You can manage members, moderate or block content, send emergency announcements, and email from any computer anywhere you are.


Organize your center in groups

Create groups for classrooms, enrichment programs, staff, or any other interest offered by your child care center. Groups are places of discussion and sharing under your control. Groups are complete with privacy options, activity feeds, photos, messaging, and events.


Share Photos and Videos

Everyone loves photos of their loved ones. CloudJabber makes sharing those special moments with parents easy. Teachers and parents can rapidly upload and share images or entire albums, connect via photo tagging, and set privacy options. Simply copy and paste a link to a video to share it with everyone.


Messages and Real-time Chat

Teachers and parents can communicate real-time with each other from the convenience of their browser or mobile device. With CloudJabber, there's no longer a need to manually manage contact information, email lists, or email addresses. Chat and messaging features include real-time IM and chat rooms, notifications, and availability status.


Blogs and Forums

Share important announcements and ideas that foster communication in subjects related to your center. Forums are a great way for members of your center to discuss topics and engage in conversation. Since your cloud is private and in your control, the community can have open discussions on a variety of topics.


Schedule Events and Poll your parents

Events are at the center of building meaningful relationships. Give teacher and parents the ability to create and view upcoming events so that they never miss out again. Add birthdays, meetings, festivals, or any other event along with the date, time, and location. Polls allow you to survey your center for feedback on anything from fundraising ideas to events.

Mobile and on the move

These days our mobile devices have more computing power than the Apollo 13 and parents are accessing information and data from everywhere while on the go. Your private communication cloud is accessible right from your mobile device.