Getting Started with CloudJabber

Traditional enterprise software requires an IT department to install software, create users, and train employees on how to use the software - but not CloudJabber. There is no software to install or users to create. Your private communication cloud is hosted on secure servers in the cloud and can be accessed by your community on any computer or mobile device.

Privacy and Security for your Center

CloudJabber is designed to be a social network and communication platform for the staff and families that you serve. The privacy and security of your network is extremely important to us. Please take a moment to review our privacy policy if you have not already. I've highlighted some of the portions of the policy and our views on the security of your network below.

Social Communication: It's a process

It’s no secret that social networks has revolutionized the way we communicate in our personal and professional lives. Today, more and more companies around the world are introducing social communication into their businesses and processes to transform the way they communicate and get work done. With a private social network, companies are able to break down geographical and organizational barriers, open up communication channels and access to information, and bring people together to collaborate.