Getting Started with CloudJabber

Traditional enterprise software requires an IT department to install software, create users, and train employees on how to use the software - but not CloudJabber.

There is no software to install or users to create. Your private social cloud is hosted on secure servers in the cloud and can be accessed by your community on any computer or mobile device.

CloudJabber has social features that are familiar to your staff and parents, so they can use it easily and immediately without the need for training or tutorials. Here are simple steps to get started with CloudJabber for your center:

  1. Contact us and schedule a demo
  2. Choose a plan that is right for the size of your child care center
  3. Engage the families that you serve and invite them to join

Here are a few other points to note based on some of the questions that we have received:

  • There are no limits to the number of users that can join
  • There is no required software to download and install
  • Admins have complete control and can delete users, postings, and other content

CloudJabber is packed with a ton of other features for your staff and parents - check them out!


CloudJabber is a private social cloud provider for child care centers. We help child care providers share messages, photos, videos, and more with parents in real-time wherever they are, on any device. For more information or to check  out all of our features, please visit our site.