Survey Finds Productivity Limitations and Erosion of Morale

According to the Harris Interactive survey, companies still have a long way to go in improving internal communications and collaboration. The survey took a look at 1,168 adults who are not the only person who works at their company/organization, and showed that communication bottlenecks impact productivity, as well as morale. Here are some of the major findings:

Ineffective internal communications limit productivity:

  • 15% of respondents said that their company is not at all effective, while only 8% said they are effective;
  • 34% said that communication bottlenecks impact their productivity;
  • 30% said they don’t have the necessary information to do their jobs;
  • 22% said that long ineffective meetings negatively impact their productivity.

Ineffective internal communications negatively impact employee morale:

  • 19% feel that their organizations are not effective at recognizing and rewarding highly productive, collaborative and contributing employees;
  • By comparison, only 8% feel that their company was effective

Interacting with colleagues is preferred to interacting with senior managers (60% vs. 35%), and impersonal communication like email (74%) and phone (61%) are much preferred to scheduled in-person meetings (31%). Most do not feel comfortable sharing ideas and feedback with managers and executives. It’s also very interesting to note that 52% of respondents respect coworkers, while only 39% respect their managers; 29% learn from coworkers, while 19% learn from managers.

Ineffective internal communication results in siloed communications and stymied innovation. How can people work together if they don’t know each other? Did you know that only 7% of respondents feel that their coworkers know the range of their skills, and 32% of men vs. 24% of women think their colleagues know and understand their unique skills very well?

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