It started as a normal pickup during the week that turned into a parent's worst nightmare. My wife and I arrived to pick up our 3-year old daughter and found her in a very upset state. "What's wrong sweetie?", I uttered. "You missed my performance!", she yelled.

A knot formed in my throat as my heart sunk. My worst nightmare had become a reality. How could this be? My wife and I are very involved and communicate regularly about the events for the upcoming week. We even use a shared calendar to make sure that we both are aware of all of the events.

"How could this have happened?", I wondered. I opened her backpack and there it was. Crumpled at the bottom of her backpack, I found the flyer for her performance. With the fuel and drive to not miss another important event, we set out to build CloudJabber to modernize the communication between parents, teachers, and staff of child care centers.

CloudJabber was founded by two Georgia Tech grads. We're parents of young children that wanted a deeper connection with the teachers and other parents at our center through better communication tools.

We have experience in managing secure software solutions at some of the world's largest companies and are thrilled to help child care centers revolutionize the way that they engage and connect with parents.

Our mission is to make it simple and easy for child care centers to share special moments and connect with parents in real-time wherever they are.

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