Is my data safe?

CloudJabber has partnered with some of the leading technology companies in the world to create private social clouds specifically designed for child care centers.

Security and safety of your data is at the core of our product which includes individual application and data servers for each center, bank-level encryption of data, security audits, and other measures to ensure that your data is safe and never accessed without your permission.


Cyber Safety Online

CloudJabber is a password-protected private social cloud for teachers, staff, and parents to communicate and share special moments, photos, and videos with each other. Access to information is restricted to registered users that have been explicitly granted access to the site by center administrators.

We work with Information Security specialists to ensure that our systems are up to date with the latest security updates and to ensure best practices for data management and security safeguards.

CloudJabber makes it simple for child care centers to provide parents with information about cyber safety and privacy. Child care centers can also create their own custom privacy policies for their private cloud.


Keeping your Cloud Safe

When sharing anything over the internet it is important that parents, teachers, and staff understand the risks, exercise precaution, and follow cyber safety guidelines and best practices. We advocate having best practices and procedures in place and accessible for users.

While CloudJabber is a secure system, people without appropriate cyber safety knowledge can create vulnerabilities by not keeping passwords safe, sharing information outside of CloudJabber, or posting irresponsible content or comments. CloudJabber gives you the power to moderate users and content to keep your private cloud as safe as possible. Cyber safety also involves keeping your computer's software and web browser up-to-date, using the latest anti-virus software and firewalls, and learning how to identify suspicious or questionable behavior.

Users should choose passwords consisting of letters - mixed with uppercase and lowercase - and numbers , that would be difficult to guess from public information about them. Never write your password down or share it with anyone. The staff at CloudJabber will never request your password or personal details via email.

As an added measure of security, each private cloud has a CloudJabber Admin that is available to help at anytime in case of an issue with privacy or security. If you have any other questions about the safety or security of your data, please email us at Click here to view our complete Privacy Policy.